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about us

In recent years, many people have chosen Sectional Titles and Homeowners Associations as their preferred form of property ownership. It’s a great way of giving extra security in property management, while reducing costs and allowing everyone to share responsibility for their properties.

Unfortunately, it also brings with it a whole host of new matters to worry about, including administration, legal compliance, financial management, maintenance and proper planning. This will likely be one of the biggest investments that people ever make, yet very few of them will have the time and expertise necessary to protect and make the most of their investment.

To help with the day to day running of things, you’ll need a Managing Agent to take care of these complex tasks on your behalf. We know that it can be a daunting task to find the right person, though- you need someone who is professional, efficient, and knowledgeable about the job at hand. There are so many Managing Agents out there for you to choose from, all offering to do the same job… But you don’t just want any old Managing Agent, do you?

That’s why we’ve founded PropMan, to give you a better solution to your problems.

We’ll be honest here- PropMan is not just an average Managing Agent. We don’t conform to the traditional expectations that trustees and owners might have. Most importantly of all, though, we don’t stick to outdated management systems, as history has shown that these are all too often time consuming and inefficient.

the difference

Want to know what makes us different?
Put simply, it’s our beliefs.

The PropMan Differences comes from the following five
core beliefs that have formed our ethos as a company:

by keeping our portfolios small compared to industry norms, your manager will therefore be able to spend more time managing your investment, and focus all their attention on it.

by using the latest and best technology and software to automate everyday tasks, we ensure that everything gets completed accurately and on time.

with our My Community platform, both owners and trustees are able to stay completely up to date with everything that’s going on within our scheme.

not only do we implement strict turnaround times on all communication, but we also empower owners to talk with each other through our award-winning Community Wall.

the PropMan Team don’t come to work every day simply to pay the bills. They come to work because they are passionate about what they do. Our attitude is to treat everyone like people, instead of like clients. Your home is your castle, and we give it the protection it deserves.

If you need any more assurance that we are the best option for taking care of your investment, then simply get in touch, and we will be happy to talk to you!

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